SolarOff Systems was started in 2014 by Jon Costanza and Andy Benton in order to develop a simple, cost-effective solution to reliably and completely turn off solar PV systems during an emergency or for maintenance. Having known each other for several years, Jon and Andy decided to combine their resources  and experience to address electrical safety concerns associated with PV systems. 

Andy Benton has over 30 years of electronic design and manufacturing experience with control systems and power semiconductors. He has worked for Brown Boveri Kent, GE and Unisys, and is also the founder of SurgeX and SurgeX International. Andy also brings his extensive experience with testing labs, safety certifications and manufacturing in China to the table. 

Jon Costanza, is a 30+ year veteran of the solar industry. He is the Managing Partner of Costanza and Sun/ SunPower Builders. Having designed and installed 200+  residential and commercial systems, they have become the third largest installer of PV systems in Pennsylvania. Jon is also a  MasterBuilder who has Designed and Built Solar Homes since 1974

About Us

Being active members of the advisory committee for UL 1741, Jon and Andy have a window into the future and are uniquely qualified to get your company on the fast track to compliance with 2017 NEC 690.12 and beyond.