SolarOff Systems, LLC has a patent-pending control method which synchronously shuts down all modules in the same string and simultaneously discharges inverter input capacitors

The SolarOff Systems PVRSS: 

  • Shuts down the entire DC side of a PV system in less than 30 seconds
  • Provides fail-safe module-level shutdown
  • Meets California ride-through requirements (contactors are not able to)
  • Uses simple, affordable, rugged circuitry for maximum reliability
  • Is completely fail-safe, and is not reliant on energy from the modules or from an outside source in order to function
  • Has a control unit that receives safe feedback from the high voltage DC providing true performance verification
  • Has an unlimited number of cycles (does not wear out)
  • Does not emit EMI/RFI and is not susceptible to EMI/RFI or walkie-talkies
  • Includes diagnostic LEDs to make troubleshooting easy 
  • Can be activated either manually or by loss of building power
  • Will not trigger arc-fault detectors 
  • Keeps PV modules shut down and safe during installation
  • Does not allow modules to be in an open circuit mode during transportation or installation, thereby preventing degradation of solar cells
  • Does not include microprocessors or software which greatly simplifies UL section 93 testing