SolarOff Systems listened!

A request was made by fire officials: from large urban fire departments, volunteer fire departments, and service technicians and installers for a device that would be obvious and instantly recognizable during an emergency. In  the heat of the moment” (so to speak) all electrical systems, AC and DC, could be de-energized simply and intuitively. SolarOff’s response to the FireFighters, First Responders, Service Technicians, Property Owners and Insurance Companies is full “Module Level Shutdown”. This means that virtually no voltage would be apparent at any PV modules or DC conductors once the PVRSS has been initiated. SolarOff is the only solution that will stop the problem at the source. 

Driven largely by those whose lives and property are put in jeopardy by these hazards, SolarOff Systems, LLC has developed a product that is ready now.

The SolarOff rapid shutdown solution meets all current codes and anticipated additional code changes including ride-through requirements to UL 1741. Our no-compromise solution operates at the module level, will discharge inverter input capacitors, all in less time than the required 30 seconds. With our solution, there is no DC voltage anywhere on a PV system once the PVRSS has been initiated. Safe means totally safe, not safe until the last 10 feet! ​